Music for Tomorrow

Since 2006, Alexa has proudly served as a board member of Music For Tomorrow.

Music for Tomorrow seeks to save the jazz music of today for the world of tomorrow through programs, grants, and other ventures that support jazz and grow its audience, which in turn will bolster activity in the New Orleans creative economy. We provide musicians with work opportunities, produce music events, educate and grow jazz audiences, and distribute funds to social service programs that aid jazz musicians in New Orleans.


Music for Tomorrow (MFT) seeks to save the jazz music of today for the world of tomorrow. We do this in two ways: first, by supporting the jazz creative economy through grants, programs, and ventures; second, by growing the audience for jazz through traditional and social media, which in turns supports the jazz creative economy. We provide musicians with working opportunities, produce music events, grow jazz audiences, connect listeners and musicians through social media, and distribute funds to programs that aid jazz and jazz musicians.

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MFT is guided by the following principles:

  • Art for America’s Sake
    Jazz is an important part of our shared American heritage. It is America’s first native art and integrates democratic values.
  • Art for Economy’s Sake
    The arts are beneficial to the American economy. Arts generate $166.2 billion in economic activity, support 5.7 million jobs and return nearly $30 billion in revenue to the government each year. Donations to MFT are investments that yield significant financial impact.
  • Art for Society’s Sake
    Jazz is inclusive music. Anyone can participate and contribute. MFT is an inclusive organization that creates and strengthens communities through music.