Life is Art Foundation

Since 2006, Alexa and her husband, Seth Levine have proudly served as a board members of the Life is Art Foundation – aka “KKProjects” after the amazing and talented, Kirsha Kaechele.

KKProjects is based in the St. Roch neighborhood of New Orleans in six previously abandoned structures: a former bakery, a storefront, and four 1800s houses. The properties sit in a one block area of the derelict neighborhood on North Villere between Music and Arts streets. Each structure houses a site-specific installation for a three month exhibition period. Local and international artists are invited to work with the spaces as they find them, as well as with the surrounding physical and cultural environment. KKProjects is dedicated to an ongoing conversation with its neighbors. Through art projects involving the greater social ecosystem, the project exists to cultivate creativity and inspire the hearts, minds, and economy of the St Roch neighborhood and its visitors.

The mission of KKProjects is the exhibition of large scale, site-specific installation art. Particular focus lies with conceptual works which explore natural order and draw from natural phenomena such as light and algorithmic pattern. Formally, kkprojects focuses on pieces which express aesthetic purity and, in early minimalist tradition, the resulting spiritualized space. However, when this purity takes form in apparent chaos, arising from a natural system, formal preference is abandoned for devotion to what is.