Alexa Pulitzer, paper Connoisseur In The Big Easy

Alexa Pulitzer, known worldwide for her exquisite stationery papers and brand identities, has built her business from a “side hobby” to retailing in over 200 stores worldwide and online. “My little stationery hobby was something I passionately worked on during the weekends and evenings to fulfill my creative needs,” remembers Alexa. “I did it all myself and had no help, and in hindsight, I can revert back and see how it grew slowly by steady baby steps.”

Creativity and entrepreneurship run in the Pulitzer family. Alexa’s grandfather, Sam C. Pulitzer, and his brother, Emanual, created mass market neckwear companies Wembley and Countess Mara. Her father, Arthur C. Pulitzer, ran sales and design, and her uncle, Sidney, handled the finances. “No female family members were involved in the family empire. It was a man’s world, and yet somehow I was promoted by the new owners when we sold the business in 1997.”

After going out on her own in 2004, Alexa has taken her elegantly whimsical stationery and accessories brand to new heights, and she is also known for her bespoke, made-to-order illustrations and logos, to custom invitations and private label collections. We spoke with Alexa about her journey and how the city she loves continues to influence her work.

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